Our references

Flemish Government

In Belgium, the Flanders government has many responsibilities. Employing over 40,000 civil servants working across many different departments, agencies and locations, the need for just one digital style guide was obvious. A harmonised approach was essential not only visually for website visitors, but also internally for technical issues and access management.


Enter Paddle – introducing the Paddle Content Management System and Paddle Platform. During development, we focused on three issues:

1 We have developed a user-friendly Paddle CMS (called kañooh, for the Flemish Government), so that users can focus on content without the need for technical knowledge.

2 We have introduced visual themes for each level of government based on one overall visual identity with a few minor adaptations to enable users to differentiate between them.

3 Our entire platform is centrally managed; and thanks to our monthly updates, every website is up-to-date technically and secure.
We have included a central access management to avoid the issue of websites being inaccessible when colleagues leave a department.


Today, over 200 websites and 1200 users within the Flemish Government are using our CMS on a daily basis.


GO! schools

GO! – short for Gemeenschapsonderwijs! – is a school umbrella organisation made up of 27 groups of schools. The challenge was to introduce their corporate identity on the individual schools’ websites, creating consistency, a stronger brand, and making them easy to recognise. Using the Paddle CMS, we introduced a GO! theme to ensure that individual schools are ‘in line’ with the corporate identity, and provided a very easy-to-use solution. We currently manage over 65 websites within the GO! organisation.

Population surveys

Population Surveys manages surveys on different types of cancer and congenital disorders. The aim was to create a recognisable visual identity, although it was not possible to show all of the sensitive information on the same website. Every website had to maintain its own identity and content creators. Paddle created one overarching visual identity, including small variations to differentiate each website.