Why choose paddle?


Create brand consistency

Paddle’s CMS helps those companies and organisations that are scaling up to maximise efficiency. To stand strong, your brand identity must be consistent, which is where Paddle comes in. Our solution provides consistency for both marketers and IT managers. Centrally managed ‘themes’ enable the rapid implementation of all visual identity guidelines without limiting the possibilities for individual websites. Furthermore, visual updates are applied across all websites in one go.

Our solutions  - Brand consistency
Our solutions  - Non unpredictable costs



Predictable costs

Thanks to our unique centrally managed CMS, your IT manager and financial manager will have a clear overview of the total cost of ownership. The Paddle CMS has been developed and is ready to use; we can start today. We offer a solution which includes bug fixing, security updates and hosting. These free four-weekly updates help to develop and grow our CMS and ensure your websites stay secure.


A solution for non-technical users

We have developed our CMS in close collaboration with end-users to create an extremely user-friendly solution. You no longer need to invest in time-consuming or expensive training. Thanks to the straightforward drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG-interface, intensive training or technical knowledge are not required.

Our solutions - Non-technical users
Our solutions  - Centrally updated every 4 weeks

Centrally updated every 4 weeks

The Paddle CMS has already been developed and is ready for use, but our CMS continues to expand and grow. It is centrally updated every four weeks so that ALL of our customers can benefit from the latest digital improvements. During these releases, we automatically add new modules and security updates to all websites, including yours.


And we’re there when you need us

As your websites are your main communication channel with both potential and existing clients, it is important to think about their consistency. Make sure you target the right people, tailor your website experience to your audience’s needs and keep on growing and optimising. Our helpdesk is available 24/7. Paddle can also help you with several services that will improve your website. Choose one, more or all of them and let our experience serve your needs!

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