Improve your online communication

website analytics

Paddle analyses your current websites to identify which pages are the most important for your business: where do your visitors come from, where do they go and how long do they stay?

Our products website analytics
Our products user research

User research

In the user study, we identify your audience and find out what they expect from your websites to improve their website experience.


We can update your existing strategy or set up a new digital communication strategy based on what we have learned from the website analytics and user study.

Our products strategy



Navigation structure

Based on a thorough analysis, user study and a communication strategy, we will set up and test a navigation strategy that helps guide your visitors through your websites.

Our products navigation structure


Our products web design

Web design

Paddle’s design experts will design your websites in line with your visual corporate identity, for both desktop and mobile.


Content creation & migration

We can create all kinds of content for your websites (copy, video, animation, infographics, etc.). We can also help you migrate existing content into your new websites, as required.

Our products content migration and creation






Websites must evolve in line with your company and the latest developments. We will monitor your websites after the launch to make sure they continue to develop and grow.

Our products monitoring and analytics


Our products SEO SEA


We will help you to attract more visitors through search engines and secure a higher ranking in Google search results thanks to Search Engine Optimisation and paid Search Engine Advertising campaigns.



The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) prescribe that websites must be accessible for people with a disability (e.g. visual impairment).

Our products accessibility


Our products social media

Social media

Social media is indispensable for online marketing strategies. Our experts will set up your profiles and campaigns, analyse your efforts and create content.